04 December 2007

Creating a Keepsake

On Sunday we took Buby to a local pottery studio so that he could make his own cookie plate for Santa. We will fill it with cookies on Christmas Eve, and hopefully he and his sister will do the same for many many years. This place was really great. We'll definitely go back! We picked out a plate, 2 colors we like a lot {we could have chosen 10--there's no limit}, and some brushes for Buby's little hands. And then he just started painting. These colors are not at all representative of what the finished product will look like after firing and glazing. They'll be more of a rich, dark burgundy and a beautiful evergreen. We go back in 7-10 days to pick it up.

Art in progress.

We needed a few refills on paint.

After Buby finished, I outlined "Cookies for Santa" and wrote the year in what will turn out to be a vintage navy color.


Blue House Mom said...

Adorable. I think I know where you went {near church?} and we haven't yet gone there. Very sweet plate.

Double the Love said...

What a great idea- can't wait to see the finished product!

Lily Pad Mom said...

I think we're going to take LP on her dad's day off this week. It is definitely something I want to do with her this year now that's she's really getting into the Santa comes to my house idea.

Grandma DJ said...

priceless!! miss you all .. love you forever