19 November 2007

i heart

this weekend...
i love the sight of: Buby sneaking green olives out of the jar, my boys' matching Carhartts thrown over the dining chair after coming in from outside, a full fridge and pantry, my former office slowly becoming Bebe's nursery, snow falling from the sky, Buby's golden locks going every which way
i love the sound of: the word "yes" from Buby {which has recently dropped out of his vocab in favor of the 2-letter antonym}, gusts of wind hitting our old house, Christmas music, Buby finishing lines of his prayers without our help, "please" and "thank you," Buby calling "MAMA" when he first sits up in bed
i love the scent of: our kitchen after baking, cinnamon, homemade sauce
i love the taste of: hot cocoa, whipped cream + {LOTS OF} mini marshmallows, Le Petit Ecolier biscuits from France, fresh salsa and salty tortilla chips
i love the feel of: knowing tomorrow Buby will celebrate Thanksgiving at preschool, knowing the day after tomorrow my parents arrive and we officially kick off our festive season, knowing the day after tomorrow we see Bebe on ultrasound and find out if he/she will wear pink or blue home from the hospital, Buby hugging me and then sticking food in my mouth, Buby jumping on my back and yelling "GIDDY UP, MAMA," 5 blankets and a late-night movie in bed
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Blue House Mom said...

I'm so into Christmas music now, too. I don't like wind. I really don't like it. But I love hot cocoa (without marshmallows). Looking forward to an email after your ultrasound!

Barefoot Princess & Family said...

I love your lists!! I cannot wait to hear about the ultrasound on Wednesday!! We are very excited to find out the results too!!