19 November 2007

Holiday State of Mind

Love these pretty holiday items from PB Kids. I'd prefer a handmade runner and cookie plate made by Buby though. No doubt, we're almost into my fave time of year. And most crazy. No matter how much we try to simplify, forces work against us. For at least the last 10 years, the month of December has been booked solid with our parties, our friends' parties, work parties, cookie swaps, house-lighting contests, ornament exchanges, road trips, 3 family birthdays, and celebrations that simply cannot wait until January. It's awesome + overwhelming at once... I know every family deals with the same. Adding a kid into the mix has made us craftier. And appreciate all that IS this season even more so. The whole season. Every person we see who we never get to see. Every tradition our parents passed onto us. Every new one we start with Buby. The music + cooking + scent of fresh-cut tree in the house. Laying under that tree looking up at handmade ornaments from our nieces and nephews. My nightly drives with Buby so that we can "OOH" and "AHH" together at everyone else's glittery light displays. Helping Buby paint and craft gifts for the people in his life. Telling stories. Placing snowmen all over the house. Reading {again} about the true meaning of Christmas. Bien sure, commercialism drives much of the world right now. But we are selective and only let into our house what we want to. In tiny sprinkles. We have a busy week, so we'll post light over Thanksgiving and get into holidays later.


Graga said...

I love the holidays and am really trying to reduce the things I can't do without list. To me it's truely about spending time with the people you love. This is going to be a very special year - I know it!

Blue House Mom said...

I love this time of year. I love that you limit over-the-top items in your home. Our kids will have so much fun this year, won't they? I can't wait to go looking at twinkle lights again!