19 November 2007

Catch of the Day

While I navigated pre-Thanksgiving crowds at the grocery store, Buby and his Daddy played basketball, rode the tricycle {which Buby calls his "MOTOCYCLES"} around the block, and went fishing in the backyard. Without any water. Buby has mastered the art of left-handed casting and reeling over the past few months. Daddy says he is now ready to graduate to a real big fishing pole. So he picked one out for him this weekend and hid it in the garage until Buby & Co. celebrates Christmas.


Double the Love said...

Good form, Buby! Looks like a pro already!

Blue House Mom said...

Ha...love the motocycles!

Graga said...

Grandpa is hoping to be there when Buby catch's his first trophy fish. Since Grandpa doesn't know how to fish - maybe Buby can give him a few lessons. Then someday Grandpa will take Buby for his trophy Buck.
Can't wait to see all of you!