05 May 2014

Bits + Pieces

The anticipation of our cherry blossoms is almost too much!
Flower girl.  

Ready to play at the village court.

Showing Ollie how to draw with rocks. 
Learning to tie her shoes!!

Painting together. Hers is titled, "Sunset Beach at Cape May."
First loose tooth for Bleu.

Lesson learned: Do NOT let little Bears nap.

Apparently, hazelnuts are the reject nut around here.

Bleu's self portrait.

Showing off her castle after Art Club.

How did three kiddos inherit so many bikes? This is only half of it.

Waiting for Buby outside of Academics Club. 

Hubby's homemade hummus. 
A side effect of Montessori? 

Swing jumping is huge this season! 

Grandma DJ reading a bedtime book to Buby 300 miles away.

Ollie Bear keeps his sister's 'Sweet Cream' hydrangeas alive.

I'm in love with these shoes that Lin wore to the party.

Hiking back from the park.

Jump ropes and driveway chalk make me happy.

Bleu reading her very technical horse manual from 1977.

I made mini carrot cakes for Book Club.

First ride of the season.

Trumpet vine.

Spring clean.

Felicia's French Toast on her birthday.

Dear #3, how are you so fearless?

Banana walnut cake for my girl.

Visiting the bears at Bear Mountain.

Buby's grew overnight!
One of my favorite bridges.

Saturday morning ballet.

I've always wondered about these brick stains on the side of our house.

Buby's morning yoga routine taped to his wall. Ha!

Buby's school continuing its Earth Day tradition of cleaning up our parks. 

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