30 April 2014

Easter 2014

Early morning. Checking for signs of Easter Bunny.

Do you love my wrapping?

133 filled eggs up for grabs.

Ollie kept offering eggs to Buby and Bleu. His face cracks me up!

The big plan to regroup and split up in opposite directions.

Objective: The Golden Egg.

Gnomes are taking over!

The only way I function well before 7am: Hot cinnamon buns.

And fresh brewed Vienna roast.

Baskets are filled with non-edibles like new bubble bath, cool floss, tie-dye shirts.

I made an exception for these chocolates from our local organic market.
(Whippersnapper for Ollie; Heart's Delight for Bleu; Birdie for Buby.)

Dark chocolate that's light on sugar and heavy on good stuff. 

The two older kids got bubble gum, too.

Singing on the way to church.

Followed by lunch reservations for five.
Hey Kids!

Can I get a group photo? No? Okay.

Bread and milk to start :) 

Buby and hubby. 

I'm a steak and potatoes girl.

Back at home I made my first ever spiced apple bundt cake.

Good dinner, even better dessert.

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