04 February 2014

Bits + Pieces

Chilling on a Sunday.

Big brother says, "Cooool! Good job!"

 Three little helpers = Ina's chocolate cake perfection!

Worth the drive.

Buby's besties during a class sledding trip.

Ollie and his friend Ben together again.

Food assignment for Lunar New Year party: Gluten-free almond cookies.

Not bad for my first time.

Syd, Ella, and Bleu man the gong during the Lion's Dance.

Happy New Year!

We don't use any Jello products at home due to the artificial crap in them.

So these all-natural gels were a fun project/treat for the kids.

Buby's learning recorder this year.

Bleu's modeling clay mat.

Buby teaching us about his microscope slides during our snow day "show & tell."

Ahhh, fresh-from-the-dryer goodness. // An old family mobile we're happy to have.

Great grandmother's armchair in our master bedroom.

Always in awe of Buby's original works of art.

My first attempt at flourless cake.

Baker man.
My girl shares her beloved Googa during our snow day "show & tell."

Moments like these are too rare, if you ask me.

Buby prefers to read to himself (not aloud), but Bear cuddles up anyway.

Laundry chores. She is one fantastic folder.

He steals Buby's Renaissance Faire sword and becomes an instant knight.

Path to the back yard.

Sweet, sensitive boy of mine.

This one has no problem wearing pink hand-me-down mittens.

Buby's school mates. Such a fantastic group of kids. 

Experimenting with Oobleck at home. 

Shoveling our end of a long shared driveway.

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