20 January 2014

Holidays, Week 3

 These Danny Seo puzzles drive me nuts! Tom has already solved five.

The trick to great sledding around here is to get out early... before the crowds.

And to have a Thermos of steaming hot cocoa in the car.

And a handsome hubby waiting with his original turkey-beef chili and guac.

Bleu writes to her penpal in Edmonton, Canada.

I call it The Danbury Trifecta: Stewart Leonard's, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's. 

My Sweets is partial Local #2.

Our littles enjoy food markets as much as we do. Can you tell?

Bleu treasures little notes from her girlfriends. This one is from Ella. 

Buby goes wild with a new balloon kit. // Bleu makes Daddy's hair stand straight up.

Modeling clay lives on our dining table. 

My oldest wishes he could stay up all night reading. // The kiddos go back to school. 

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Anonymous said...

May I please have the original turkey chili and guac if I visit?! Yum! - Debbie