11 January 2014

Holidays, Week 2

Christmas morning at Grandma DJ's house.

Bedhead beautiful.
Stinky feet!

Captivated by her Simon Says carabiner clip. 

New scarf love.

My beloved Explorer hits 125,000 miles on this trip.

Christmas day at Grandma M's house. // Ollie and cousin Gracie bonding.

Uncle Mark never says no.

Nephew Spence. So proud of him.

Still shy about gifts.

Six grandkids = instaparty!

Buby and Parker setting up a game of exploding Jenga.

So excited to share "Googa" with her Grandma.

Adventures in sledding. 

We're about to create a six-saucer train.

Ollie and Golly.  
Grandma DJ with grandbabe #1.

This smile makes up for all three winters she refused to play outside! 

Grandma brought a Thermos of hot cocoa for the kiddos.

It was their first time having cocoa straight up.

Real men wear pink mittens :)
First solo trip.

Again! Again!

 Love. It's everything! And this guy and I are so blessed with it.

Uh oh.

Tom and I discover a new cider while on a triple date to Victoire Bar.

Cousins showing off their press-on nails with googly eyes. 

Six grandkids on the other side, too.

Mason (4) and Ollie (3) are quite the force. 

Annual gathering the day after Christmas.

Tom and I meet up with an old college bestie.
(@ The Red Osier in Batavia, NY.)

Figure skating. Only her second time.

And his first. We needed extra hands on the ice, so Grandma came.

And we invited all the cousins, too.

My brother and his littlest.

I might be too tall to skate with a toddler. 

Five and seven.

I guarantee this is killing Tom's back.

Our second week of celebrations began on December 23rd with a road trip Upstate. It's pretty awesome that My Sweets and I grew up in the same general area and that most of our family still lives there. Whenever we roll into town -- be it winter or summer -- the schedule fills up fast. This particular week we had four family parties to attend and two dinners out with friends. On our "days off" we took the kiddos ice skating and sledding.

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