28 January 2014

Bits + Pieces

Modeling clay takes over my dining table.

Buby's pants last about a month before the knees are ripped out. 

I know WAY more than I should about dinosaurs. 

Planning out the year. 

Bleu and Ella about to perform a little dance number.

Is there such a thing as too many pistachios? Bear doesn't think so.

He loves doing laundry with me.

Amazing banana pudding recipe, thanks to Buby and Tom.

One big box of dinos from Grandma + Grandpa has last us 8 years.  

Bleu and Syd crafting a bit before Art Club.

I love these two together!

Last stop before boarding the train at Grand Central Station. 
Bleu and Bear love this new yogurt. Buby and I... not so much. 

Find the match, say the sound, point to the big and little letters. 

Bath time shenanigans with Bleu and Bear.

I'm forever filling lunch boxes.

A trick Bleu showed me to soften butter to room temperature :) 

Watching the local news -- and spoting Tom in the crowd, talking to me.

The poolside stools are longing for summer. 

More puzzle work that offers plenty of chances for self correction.  

She's experimenting with jewels -- and loves the ring Tom bought me in Jordan.

Pre demolition in the children's playroom.
Our hello mat in 14 languages.

This recipe was worth every ounce of effort. YUM!

Collecting quarters for their bank accounts. 

A pack meeting, a skit, and a Bobcat badge for Buby.
Our second home.
Belting out "Story of My Life" with conviction.

Soft and simple dresses at H+M hold Valentine's / Easter potential.

Peanut buttering his own bagel. 

Taco night. 

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