23 October 2013

Date Night: Global Benefit

I hopped a train into Manhattan last week to meet my husband at a Global Benefit. (The commute gave me a chance to crack open this novel I've been wanting to read.) The main event was a fundraiser for Tom's company and an opportunity for me to learn more about the good work that he and his colleagues do here and around the world. I'm always proud of my guy, and of course it's fun to see him in action with board members, donors, staff. He's quite the catch!

Earlier in the day I threw some black dresses, shoes, panty hose, bras, and earrings in my overnight bag. When I arrived at the hotel, instead of using my spare hour to get ready I walked down the block to Starbucks for an iced coffee and chocolate croissant, and then to Walgreens to debate the merits of smokey grey eyeliner. WHY do I do that? I procrastinate and then rush-rush-rush. I didn't decide what to wear until moments before hopping in a car to the venue. "Rush hour" traffic was awful, but my driver got me there with three minutes to spare. Awesome! 

The benefit went from 6:30-9:30 and we had 10:00pm dinner reservations Uptown at a Brazilian restaurant called Circus. Just six of us -- we had a great time. After dinner Tom and I decided to stroll the 20 blocks back to the hotel. There's just something about walking the city after midnight. We used to do it several nights a week... before we had three babies in five years.

We stayed overnight at The Yale Club, which always feels like a treat. It's clean, quiet, directly across from GCS, and uses luxe bed linens. What more can you ask? The halls are so rich in history and sport that being immersed in it makes My Sweets wish he'd gone to Yale. For one night anyway...

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