24 September 2013

Pikachu Picnic

The cutie who stole Buby's heart.

Recycled Starbucks glasses, thanks to Grandma's frappuccino habit.

Organic popcorn to grab and go. 

Bleu's t-shirt. I snagged it plain for $1 and painted it Pikachu style.

Negotiating a trade.

My failed attempt at a supersized poké ball.   

Grandma's ornament for his birthday tree. 

100 trading cards.

Pikachu back story.

Buby's t-shirt from here. I used fabric paint and markers.

Buby drew his own Pokémon cards for a Most Wanted poster. 

Jar of tattoos. 

Pikachu ears. 

What I did with Sara's old golf balls :)


A sweet story Buby wrote in Book Club last semester.

Instead of cupcakes he asked for individual pies for everyone.

I was going to illustrate Pikachu on these but totally forgot. 

The book that started it all.

BOYS ONLY! It's what he wanted this year.

There was a sibling exception, of course. 

These two always crack me up.


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i ind it so original!