04 September 2013

A Trip to Family Land

Bleu debuting her side ponytail.

 We stayed a whole week with Grandma + Grandpa in Upstate, NY.

Aunt Mel threw a camp-themed birthday party for the twins!
Ollie and cousin Mason.

Sweet, sensitive seven year old... I sure do love you.

Wild, happy two year old... I sure do love you, too. 

Totally smitten with his cousin's furry hat. 

The girls turn six.

Uncle Mike coaching Ollie to catch a football. 

Just hanging... at a family reunion.

Grandma J. and Great Uncle Bill are a captive audience.
Any higher and she's going over.

Ollie the ultimate mix master.

What a treat! Great Aunt Sally and Great Uncle John were up from Fla.

Grandma and Grandpa oversaw a painting project -- wall art for their spare bedroom.
They were the opposite of hands off, so this little venture was both comical and painful to watch.

In the woods with cousin Parker. 

Trampoline madness. 

Uncle Mark is TOO fun sometimes.

Seneca Park Zoo.

Stinky birds. 

The horror!

Oh, these two make me laugh.

Rest and stretch.



Uncle Billy building a cell tower?
This circus poster was in my childhood bedroom and brings back memories.

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