01 September 2013

Bits + Pieces

I have an irrational fear of beetles.

Every night I light up the great outdoors.

 Snack board: Mini sweet peppers, extra sharp cheddar, green beans,
sugar snap peas, raw cashews, a new kind of veggie stick.

Our third attempt at growing "pinchy grapes." This year the birds will NOT win.

His best freak-out funny face! // Her turn to work with Daddy in his Manhattan office. 

Frozen yogurt treat: My three didn't look up until their bowls were empty.

Great game: Fill bucket, dump bucket, repeat no less than 245 times.

Post-breakfast garden duty. Be careful! It's a JUNGLE out there.

Rise and shine. Look who finally decided to wake up.  

Everyone wants a chance to water.

Or be watered.

Ollie and Bleu could eat their weights in steamed edamame. // My girl (finally) embraces shopping! 

Last weekend Bleu and I fell in love with this cutie pie (who belongs to my friend Nicole).

I had a migraine, so this was dinner: Cereals; scrambled eggs; steamed veggies.  

Buby and Jonas hiking on a Wednesday afternoon.

Checking on the survival hut that Buby and I made back in June. (It survived!)

The fine art of negotiating with a younger sister. 

Riding lessons for our equine enthusiast. 

Our littlest friend. // Live music and acorn collecting on the library hill.  

This about sums it up. Two year old action hero.

Buby dicing onions for his out-of-this-world guacamole.

Acquiring knife skills.

Mama, Can you please turn down the SUN a little? The tractor parade is coming.  

My chicken pesto farfalle and bruschetta.

My Sweets returned from Naples with Monica's famous pie.

Outside our fave Mexican restaurant with Grandma DJ. 

Making wishes for her birthday.  

Mini golf. // A fascination with wild mushrooms.

Her dark cocoa bean eyes get me every time! 

Long hug goodbye -- 48 hours without each other!

Ruby red (rubber-soled) slip-ons from here.

Buby's luggage for a boys-only road trip with Daddy.  

 TWICE in one week my littlest was bitten by a bug near his right eye. // Buby and Nick building a city.

Sweetness, 11 months apart. 

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