06 June 2013

Stream of Consciousness

The thoughts running through my head as I'm running through my neighborhood at night:

-WHY didn't I stick to a training schedule? This is ridiculous... CRAMMING for a race.

-Has it really been 18 years? Oh my God! 18 YEARS sounds old.

-You know what? I can totally do this. No problem. Just like high school. Kind of.

-I should do this all the time.

-WHO put this song on my play list? This song makes me want to quit.

-Horrible running song. Did I hit "shuffle?" SKIP!

-Wow, I look tall (in shadow form). Wouldn't it be funny....

-OUCH! Knees! Do I have regular 36-year-old knees, or are my knees extra shot? They hurt.

-Wonder if my volume is too high. Am I blowing out my ear drums?

-I don't care... LOVE this song. Reminds me of Tom. LOVE Tom.

-OUCH! Sciatica! Three back labors did me in.

-Wonder what regular labor feels like. Guess I'll never know exactly.

-Are we done? Yeah, probs done.

-Do people LIKE running? I used to like it. Wait. Did I?

-Are those people (a whole block away) staring at ME? Can they hear me breathing?

-Do I look like I might pass out? I need to pace myself... or I'll never make it home.

-Going too fast. Hurts.

-Oooh, forgot about this song. LOVE this song. LOVE IT!

-Let's sprint the rest of the way!!! YES! I can totally sprint 3.1 miles.

-Seriously... It's only THREE MILES. Why add the .1? That's dumb. OUCH!

-If I fell RIGHT HERE, would Tom find me? I should've told him my route before I left.


p.s. I posted this to Facebook the night before my 5K.

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Mir said...

I used to run before being pregnant but i dont remember to have SO MANY thoughts!!! Funny thoughts...