31 May 2013

VT: Manchester Woodcraft


Weekenders love Manchester for its "premiere shopping" which, to be honest, I just don't get. The number of stores seems so teeny tiny once you're there. Plus, maybe Manhattan has ruined me but the last thing I want to do on my Vermont road trip is see Coach and Kate Spade. Outlets definitely aren't my thing. But dusty old bookstores, flea markets and woodworking studios... I could do those. 

Many years ago My Sweets and I visited Manchester Woodcraft and took home a quirky little wooden fish that hangs in our 3rd floor bathroom. We stopped by the shop again last Tuesday and it was closed. My heart sank. It was the first time all week that I wanted to buy anything (with the exception of chocolate!). So Wednesday morning we woke up and drove there right after our breakfast casseroles and Mocha Joe's French Roast. Here's what we spied (and scored!).

Little wooden moose for my Ollie.

Wouldn't these mobiles look sweet in a playroom?

Gorgeous salad spoons as a thank you to Grandma DJ.

Solid doll furniture made right on the premises.

An ornament for our Christmas tree. It's tradition.

Maple leaf wine stopper for Tom G.; Buby and Bleu each received a special wooden "stone."
A cool deer-head hiking stick for Buby. It's so him.

Wonderful scents: Lilacs and sawdust.

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