03 April 2013

Hello Again

They absolutely MUST brush and spit at the exact same time. 
Inevitably one ends up with toothpaste hair. This night it was Bleu.

I have some catching up to do here. My Sweets keeps reminding me that I haven't posted on Buby + Bleu since before St. Patrick's Day. Eeks! That's a long stretch. Well I've had some techy issues to resolve, and I tend to procrastinate when it comes to anything technological. I busy myself with other (very important!) things instead, to avoid dealing with it. 

Mainly I take too many photos. Waaay too many, and I never delete anything. Ever. Times that by seven years of mama memories caught on camera. I get alerts all the time that my start-up disk is full, my iPhoto is full, my iCloud is full, my external hard drives are (nearly) full, my phone storage is full, my memory card is full, my camera battery dead, etc. etc. etc. Everything hits at once, and it's the type of nitty gritty for which I have no time or patience. I miss the days when I could simply dial a three-digit extension of our in-house IT guy. "Hi Paul, Me again."

I am in the process now of organizing, backing up and deleting a gazillion digital files. It will take many late nights, but in the meantime I've cleared enough space to scrapbook again. I often wonder how other DSLR enthusiasts store all their large files. I'm old fashioned for a 30 something. I don't trust clouds yet. I actually prefer photo cds arranged by month, but its adding up to a lot of cds (part 1, part 2, part 3) and Tom's new laptop doesn't even have a drive for them. So I'm guessing compact discs aren't coming to the future with us? That makes me very sad. If you have any great photo-storage tips that work for you, please do share. 

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