04 April 2013

Gymnastics + Dance

Bleu takes a one-hour gymnastics/dance combo class with her two besties every week. They've been at the same gymnasium for a few years now. Before that they were at another gym together for Mommy + Me. I do believe the dance portion of Bleu's class is the highlight of her week. Particularly freeze dancing. She's comfy and giggles all the while. My girl has found her groove.

So I wasn't sure how last Friday would go. We attended a gymnastics-only makeup class with an unfamiliar coach and slightly older gymnasts... most of whom spoke with a heavy Russian accent. The class was clearly more skill focused and less fun. Bleu was (understandably) intimidated at first but quickly accepted the challenge and ran with it. Actually she split-leaped right to the front of the line. My girl is brave. I watched in awe for 60 minutes. 

After class I expected she might whisper to me how unfriendly the coach was. (She seemed a little snippy to me, personally.) But instead, my four year old went on about all the new things she learned and can't wait to practice more.


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