09 April 2013

Easter 2013

Cooling our eggs. We used Lindsey's awesome tips and our deepest Le Creuset round to boil.

Buby found inspiration in Martha's Handmade Holiday Crafts. Thanks for the book, Sara. 

 We dyed with what we had: Fresh beets, defrosted blueberries and random citrus.


Next year we'll plan ahead for more colors, but the kids enjoyed this process nonetheless.

Rolling in chunky cold stuff rather than boiling in the hot juices = spotty eggs.

 Each of the kids' baskets had two small Bug Bites, one milk chocolate and one dark.
For Easter dinner My Sweets made us Jacques Pépin's incredible stew in red wine sauce.

See? Spotty. But cool in their own way.
And quite possibly the best hard-boiled eggs I've ever tasted.

Painting paper maché eggs for a centerpiece.

Buby's prayer book. He's working toward First Communion. 

One big mess that I wholeheartedly promote: Glitter and glue. Love.
These two have never said "no" to a craft project.

After the outdoor hunt (for eggs and baskets) courtesy of the Easter Bunny,
we head inside for a hot breakfast and wild scavenger hunt courtesy of moi.

Not happening! Cute letter though, Buby.

Buby sewed this sweeet bunny bag in school.

Down the garden path. 
(P.S. Nice pajama pants, Mr.)

The Golden Egg.

Things in eggs: Coins, a few dollars, all-natural mints, raisins, Annie's bunny grahams, 
sourdough pretzel nuggets, preservative-free dried apricots and dark red cherries. 

The master egg hunter.
New swings from Daddy.
"Watch out for prickles." 

With each egg Ollie squealed, "Surprise!!"

Things in baskets: Springy shoes, modeling clay, outdoor chalk,
Somersaults, Yummy Earth lollipops (2 each), Ella's Kitchen Pea + Broccoli "pouchies" (for Ollie), 
EnviroKidz rice + berry bars, light-up chicks from Pylones in Grand Central, a spy book, nuts.

Reading her final clue. This jewelry tree was her Easter treasure from us.
Buby received a bow + arrow set, and Ollie Bear a giant bag of mega blocks. 

Buby wrote this two years ago and I keep it in the kitchen as a daily reminder.

Modeling clay is a big hit here. We like the non-hardening kind.

There's no sound-proof "play" room for toddlers at our church, 
so when my rascal loses it in the pews we are relegated to the car to wait it out.

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