18 April 2013

Bits + Pieces (updated)

It's 54 degrees! Who wants ice cream?

Mr. Basketball in front of our neighbor's garage.

The wooden man who watches over our park.

Buby creative writing in bed.

Saturday morning love. 

Big breakfast.

I went in to return a pair of kid shoes and came out with all of this.

Chia seed pudding, courtesy of Buby.

Because sometimes you just need to sit.

She still chooses purple over any other color.

The shin guards stay on for several hours after soccer practice.

Cuddling with my girl while Ollie sleeps and the other boys hit the driving range.

So proud of Bleu for getting her hands dirty this week!

Bubbles + bike rides.

"Nature hike" shenanigans. 

Last-minute dinner date for 5 at our fave Mexican restaurant.

Bubbles and chalk together = the best color! 

You go, girl!


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Mir said...

Nice and original pics!