07 March 2013

Bits + Pieces

 Buby and his friends took over Manhattan and the Museum of Natural History.
Afterwards, my two men broke away from the group to eat at Sophia's in Little Italy.

I hosted a Friday morning play date for Ollie and his pal Zach (and Zach's mama and grandma).

Bear wears tighty whiteys. Potty training is... going. It's going.

Ollie's favorite spread in his favorite book. I read it many many times a day.

He insists that I pack the cart around him.

Buby isn't a big fan of homework, except when it means cuddling on the couch with me.

Sometimes the best moments are the simplest.

Creaky old floors. We have a love-hate thing.

Mancala and marble runs.

Etching "abstracts" into the snow with her bff.

While I spent part of Saturday at a Montessori 101 meeting he stayed home with the littles 
and crafted tiny fair dolls (for our girl) out of wool, pipe cleaners and wooden beads.

The deer tracks at the park look just like hearts, no?

Bleu and her girlfriends exchange artwork. This one is for Emma. 
You should've seen Bleu's jaw drop when I said, "Cool 'Boys Rule' stickers!" 
She had no idea. 

Baby, it's cold outside!

Happy birthday to my bro-in-law, Mike. This photo was taken almost 16 years ago :) 

Speaking of old prints, look what else I found in my messy drawer.

Buby never goes to sleep without Easter; I unearthed an old collection of 18 dragons 
(from Grandpa M.) this week for my youngest, who is newly obsessed.

Here is Buby less enchanted with his writing homework.

Listening for the "choo choo!" behind our house. 

Buby's beloved pups. Notice the carrier he made.

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