28 January 2013

Bits + Pieces

My first attempt at cake. We aren't real cake people here so I've absolutely no practice
The process was wonderful -- both boys helped with every step -- but the result was just alright

Three free hours before the Gallery Night art exhibit. So exciting!

We opted out of using the big mixer and went old school instead. Builds muscles.

Children at play. Always.

This is Ollie's. Oh yes, he builds his own "tastles" now. 

Buby sweet talks the librarian into ordering more of these titles from sister libraries.

Bleu layers now: Pants, long skirt, summer dress, button sweater, socks, boots, and a coat.

Buby sledding on a Sunday with buddies Phoenix, Indigo and William.

My soft place to fall at the end of the day. Thanks for the luxury goose down, Mom + Dad. 

Who needs fresh snow when you have grass and ice?

Buby offered to read bedtime books on Monday since I had a migraine. Love that kid.

More "tastles" with Buby's marble run blocks. 

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