02 January 2013

Bits + Pieces (holiday)

Definitely my favorite ornament by Bub this year.

Buby's one wish from Santa: "100 Magic Tricks."

Peek-a-boo with baby brother.


A purple tutu for Bleu, lovingly made by my friend Maria.

Sledding down our garden path on New Year's Day.

New Year's Eve morning.

Bleu generously spread glitter around the property to guide the reindeer.

Ollie goes out for a fancy lunch and feeds his dogs on the table.

We finally made ornaments from our collection of Christmas tree trunks.

Road tripping: Kick off shoes, slide off socks, lower harness, fall asleep.

 Owl by Bleu; Working late into the night on our Christmas Eve (Dec 21).

Peter Parker vs. Spiderman as illustrated by my nephew Parker.

Fabric ornament and Christmas Caroler gifted to me by my daughter.

Breakfast at Grandma's.

Paper, stamps, labels and ribbon.

My boys working on their Chess game.

I was too sick to make it into the city on Dec 21, 
so My Sweets brought home a cherry cheesecake from Junior's.

Sipping cocoa at Grandma DJ's after a good bit of sledding.

Ollie's first real ornament. I will treasure this one.

Poor Buby was down and out with a stomach bug on Dec 19 +20.

We returned home from vacation to a lot of snow.  
My Sweets jumped a (frozen-shut) gate and ripped the crotch of his jeans ;-)

Buby's only big plastic BOY toy: a pirate ship from Daddy Santa.

Mark, Ollie, Parker and Buby mesmerized by Grandpa's "fish TV."

40 pounds pulling 30 pounds.

Bleu's one wish from Santa: "Big brown soft horse."

My parents sharing a Christmas smooch.

Ollie Bear's new ride.

A favorite restaurant of ours all decked out for the holidays.

Note to self: Find a few of these "golden harvest" glass mugs.

Snow-covered trees behind Grandma DJ's townhouse.

Most of these photos were taken with my iPhone 4s. The image quality totally stinks, but I'm still soooo happy to have them. I don't always want to carry a real camera (the 60D is amazing but hefty). I'm thankful that this little phone of mine allows me to capture so much life as it's happening. These are the days, and I want to remember them.

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Grandma DJ said...

fun times .. beautiful memories .. love you forever