19 December 2012

Kid Gifts: Four Friends

I edited down our holiday crafting agenda this month, and it feels good. The children painted 10 plaster frame ornaments for immediate family and just four paper maché stars for their "most specialist" little friends. Bleu wanted to do one for her whole class at first, but I asked if she could possibly narrow it down. Without hesitation she picked Ava and Ella while her brother chose Grace and Jonas. She initiated the design, and he made his different by painting the backs solid yellow. 

Ollie did one, too, but I'm not sure he wants to part with his. And by "he" I mean me. It's his first year fully participating in this ornament tradition of ours, and well, I feel sentimental about it. If he could name his best guys at this age I bet he would say Jack and Ben. They are pretty alright by him.

P.S. Bleu made of point of telling me that if she had two more stars to paint she'd pick Emma and Carla. If she had two more stars after that they'd go to Leila and Zoe. Girls are funny, no? They always seem to have an ranking/order/list at the ready, and it can change without notice.

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