11 December 2012

Holiday House (Nighttime)



Frosty is our winter mascot. He welcomes us home every day.

"Three little birds, outside my doorstep."

 You can't see it here, but our back patio is ablaze with "twinkle lights."

My Martha Stewart glitter garland always signals December to me.

I could never decide on the perrrfect red tree skirt, 
so I picked this felt one up at Rite Aid with my prescriptions (for $1.99). Ha!

We like to light a candle at dinner. It's something Buby picked up in Sunday School, 
because "Jesus is the light of the world." Right now we have five going.

Bleu addressed this envelope, "To mom form Nola. Nola." 
When she runs out of space, she just puts the words wherever. Loooove that.

Bleu wanted to write her own cards but couldn't remember how to spell "Merry Christmas," 
so I wrote it on the kitchen chalkboard and she just referred back.

Our "Letters to Santa" ornament that gets emptied every Christmas Eve.

I bet we have enough Christmas stuff in our attic to decorate every house on the block, inside and out. Most of it was gifted to us early on in our marriage, and we just don't have the space or need.

Each December that we're in this sweet and quirky 1867 house (it's our 8th year!), I find that I bring down fewer and fewer items. I'm talking one box of favorite handmade ornaments, white lights, wreaths and red velvet bows, glittery gold garland, and of course our friend Frosty. I like our winters here to feel cozy, nostalgic and playful, but not cluttered. 

If there's a roasting fire, tunes playing and children dancing about, I'm happy. And if ever I want to add a little something here or there to the holiday-house ensemble, I just go shopping in the attic.

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Grandma DJ said...

Love the decorations!! Love you forever