01 January 2013

Happy Birthday, Mom

My mom turned 58 last Friday. She was feeling a bit under the weather, but a bunch of us (her husband, children, six grandchildren) crowded her house and I think that cheered her up. First we devoured Monica's chicken pot pie for dinner, and then we busted out the cheesecake, mini cannoli, cream puffs, and raspberry-cranberry Linzer tarts. And... lemon and strawberry-rhubarb pies leftover from Christmas. Sweet smorgasbord! I think we are good on dessert until Valentine's Day.

My mom is the funniest. The best listener. Honest. She likes what she likes and doesn't even pretend to have a poker face. She has an impeccable memory and never second guesses her decisions. She's not one to stay calm in an emergency, yet she's the first person I ask for advice. We are total opposites, but spending any time with her -- just hearing her voice on the other end of the phone -- always makes my day brighter. Love you, Mom!

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