08 December 2012

Bits + Pieces

Most kissable fish lips. Ever.

Animal lovers.

Ollie goes for texture every time.  

Our friend at Lollipop Farm in Rochester.

My best four people.

Goodbye baby teeth, hello gums!

Kind of obsessed with basketball, baseball, football, soccer...

Bleu wants riding lessons in the worst way.

My children all inherited my fascination with rocks

A freezing cold golf outing with My Sweets.

   Stunned to wake up inside a car wash :(


Yeah for migration.

Buckwheat/blueberry/strawberry pancakes (thank you, winter CSA!).

Under a bull's belly the day after Thanksgiving.

I just donated my gazillionth bag/box to charity this year. 

Bleu's favorite hour of the week is dance/gym combo class.

I love you to the moon, cherry cheesecake from Randi and Josh!

Read the last line. Written by my "vegetarian." I laughed for an hour.

Bro and sis making Laura Numeroff's pb munchies recipe.

Wide awake after a failed "sleepover" attempt with siblings.

Helping Buby collect items from nature for a homework assignment.

Turns out this ginormous branch is a perfectly fine writing utensil.  

Buby fashioned a bow, six arrows, a sling shot, and a spear from nature.

Our only snow (so far) lasted just a couple of hours.  

Happy bunch having a bounce ball dance party.

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Grandma DJ said...

Very precious!! The vegetarian made me laugh too .. Love you forever