03 November 2012

New York

Carey Tunnel (formerly Brooklyn Battery Tunnel). Getty Images.
Hoboken taxi lot. Brenan Smialowski.

Flooding Ground Zero construction site. John Minchillo, AP.

My heart is aching. Since Sandy hit on Monday and Tuesday our house has been consumed with gratitude. We are so thankful to be together with a roof over our heads. Thankful to have power again. Thankful for gas in our cars. Thankful that none of our dear friends were hurt in the monstrous storm. We worry and pray for all the others who weren't so lucky.

I will catch up on the blog soon, but first I want to share some of the images from this week that have touched me the most. The stories of loss are heart wrenching, especially in Lower Manhattan and Queens -- two areas that mean very much to us. In time I know that residents will recover and rebuild what they can. That's what New Yorkers do. If you want to help click here.

Andrees Latif, Reuters.

Battery Park. Timothy A. Clary, Getty Images.

Chelsea facade. Timothy A. Clary, Getty Images.


Breezy Point Queens. Getty Images.

Breezy Point Queens. Getty Images. 

Tuckerton, NJ. US Coast Guard.

Charging phones. Timothy A. Clary, Getty Images.

South Street Seaport. Timothy A. Clary, Getty Images.
South Ferry subway station. Associated Press.

Dangling crane on W. 57th St. Getty Images.


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Grandma DJ said...

incredible .. remembering in prayer all those who are still in distress and those who have lost so much.. love you forever