21 September 2012

Morning in the City

It's been a busy month around here, so when I found out that Grandma DJ was flying in two weeks ago I asked her if she could watch the kids one morning while I wandered around the city... alone.

I took the train in with My Sweets, we grabbed the most amazing egg croissant sandwiches to eat in his office, and then I was off to try on some jeans and sweaters before my favorite museum opened. I am never alone. Never. So I must admit that having a couple of hours to weave in and out of places at my leisure felt heavenly. 

As it turns out Tommy didn't have any lunch plans and offered to meet me across town at my fave hole in the wall for some extra spicy pad key mao. While there I texted my old lunch buddy about my order. She replied, "I love that you want to cry over your Thai food. I do, too." Ha. My Sweets treated me to a Jamba Juice to go and by 2:45 I was back on a train, heading home.

My old work building at Broadway + 50th.
My fave Thai place at 48th St. between Broadway + 8th.
My Sweets drinking his $7 fruit smoothie while on a conference call :)
A view of Bryant Park from Tom's desk. It's nice to see green.
Bad shoes; heavy bag.
The grill in Bryant Park. Love.

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Grandma DJ said...

a happy day for you and for you two!! love you forever