16 September 2012

Bits + Pieces

Back-to-school blueberry muffins.

She asked the artist for "rainbow butterfly cheeks."

Grace's party at the lake. What a good day.

My girl falls hard... for a pair of white shoes.

Two strawberry pies.

Chilling in central a.c. after a sweaty tractor parade.

Once again, our little village put on quite a show.

A day to myself in the city. Thanks DJ.

Our littlest goes vroom vroom all over the beach.

Jenga love runs deep around here.

My Sweets (no doubt) daydreaming about his 4pm golf game.

Four-year-old BFs on the first day of gym/dance combo.

Buby turns 7 and discovers Legos and Pirateology. Loves both.

Camping in the yard.

Why must they wear winter pjs when it's 90 degrees out?

Ahhh. The gorilla sneakers from Grandma.

1 comment:

Grandma DJ said...

sweet thoughts looking at sweet pics!! love you forever