11 September 2012

Bits + Pieces (iPhone edition)

Bringing Ollie Bear into an ob/gyn exam room is never dull.

Bear loves his new gym class for the balance beam and ballerina mural;
our nap routine has taken SO long the past two days... I think he misses big sis.

We stopped at a Five Guys on the way back from tennis to satisfy My Sweets' burger craving; the kids just got peanuts to crack; I made cold strawberry pie for a picnic... yummy recipe here.

Panera's French onion to celebrate Fall; Bleu suddenly wants to shoe shop; six pumpkins from our garden; Buby's daily masterpieces in blocks.

Fireworks outside the bedroom window on Sunday; Buby says the perfect ending to the perfect day!

A new season of tennis for Buby and counter climbing for Bear; a handmade wolf made by Ms. Jenna for a classmate's Red Riding Hood party.

Bear on stairs; Bleu gets FUN mail from her Canadian pen pal friend; dozens of deer on Grace's street; the youngest enjoys some alone time with mama.

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Grandma DJ said...

Life is good!! Love Rocwell-like pic of kids at window watching fireworks .. Love you forever