29 August 2012

What a (Pirate) Boy Wants

Our oldest child is clever, sweet and sensitive. He has an imagination we all treasure, and right now it wants for a lot. Lately I've observed him sneaking off with paper and a pencil anytime he thinks of something new to add to his ultimate "Inventions Wish List."

In two weeks Buby
will turn a whopping seven years old. I can totally believe it. Aside from a pirate parrrty in the woods, he would like the following (in his own words):

- Magic powers suit
(with buttons, so I can pick who I want to be each day. The suit should be blue.)
- Glow-in-the-dark marble run
(I will never sleep again)
- Magic wand
(for real magic; not a toy)
Tickl-enator (a robot that allows me to tickle people by remote)
- Rainbow-
enator (a machine that shoots rainbows into the sky)
- Anything robot (one robot that can do anything in the world, like cook all my favorite foods)
- Spirit book
(with a keyhole and good magic tricks inside)
- Pogo stick (are these dangerous, Mom?)

- Geodes and a geode cracker (of course!)
- Super speedy suit
(to be the fastest person alive!)
- Jet pack/mechanical flying wings
(first trip: wherever pirates live; second trip: The North Dakota)
- Pet fish with an underwater camera
(like a fish TomTom that just knows where I am)

Other wish lists have included: Golf course, real kitten, balloons, and a happy sister. I can deliver on the balloons. The sister is a work in progress :)

Walking around the village in pirate gear; addressing invitations to his 7-year-old mateys.

Edit: Buby will receive geodes (from us) and a magic set (from the cousins). Anyone know how to shoot real rainbows into the sky, on command?

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Grandma DJ said...

I love the imagination and wonder !! Love you forever ..may we all be forever kids !!