06 August 2012

We Are Back!

Hi guys! We are back from a really fab two weeks in Rochester, NY -- the city where My Sweets and I were born and the majority of our family still lives.

This was our last vacay of the summer, and it was happily jam-packed with wedding festivities, bday toasts, reunions, play dates, golf outings, motorcycle rides, and romantic date nights. In our down time we mugged on grandparents and cousins, hiked along canals and lakes, competed at the go-kart track, rode dirt bikes and four wheelers on the farm, soared above an outdoor jumping pillow, mini golfed, and indulged in frozen custard.

So many adventures, but alas it was time to head home. (I must note that our children slept, ate and traveled so well this summer!) When we pulled into the driveway last night we found our lawn was replaced with weeds, the beloved veggie garden destroyed by rogue pumpkin plants, and the pool a menacing shade of green. Heartbreaking to see. I boiled pasta and steamed broccoli while Tom quick unloaded the car, Jeep and motorcycle in the pouring rain. I readied the children for bed and ran to the market 10 minutes before closing time to fill up our fridge. He cuddled Ollie to sleep and ironed a shirt -- I stayed up late with laundry and a chocolate croissant.

This morning My Sweets returned to work in NYC. We miss him already. We also miss our local friends, two of whom have given birth to little boys since we left. But we're starting with a daunting household task list, which includes a whole lot of paperwork, school forms, house cleaning, purging, overdue appointment-making, and lawn/garden/porch/pool care.
Wish us luck and stay tuned for some fun vacation photos.

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