14 August 2012

School Prep

Buby's required materials, thus far.

I cannot believe we're already discussing back-to-school. My children don't return to class until Monday, September 10, but after playing hard for the last two months it's time to focus on straggler paperwork, activity registrations, and school-issued checklists. Buby
is entering 2nd grade and Bleu her second year of pre-k, both at the same Montessori school down the street. They are so happy there.

I hit Target with the kids on Sunday and managed to get all but one item on each of the classroom lists. (I know! We did good.) The superstore was short one
PRIMARY composition notebook and one acrylic paint set. As for bags, Buby chose the Comic Strip ClassMate with matching lunch box and canteen from Lands' End. Bleu prefers familiar and worn, so she ultimately decided on Grace's hand-me-down kitten back pack (coincidentally also from Lands' End) and one of her brother's old lunch boxes. This is her first year staying full day and eating lunch without me (sniff, sniff!), so I insisted she pick out a fabulous new lunch box to call her own. She respectfully declined my offer.

Tomorrow I will try to convince her to wear a pair of shoes this Fall. Nothing against Crocs (they've been a
LIFESAVER), but they can only take you so far in the Northeast. My girl struggles less with her tactile defensiveness than she did but still refuses new footwear. She has difficulty with anything remotely restrictive; including shoes, socks, leggings, layers, buttons, zippers, ties, collars, necklines, cinches, gathers, adornments, hair clips and bands, etc. Honestly, I don't have it in me to update her wardrobe right now, even though she could definitely use it. Buying clothes for a four year old with sensory issues is no fun for anyone, and you always waste money even after returns. I'm absolutely fine with tank dresses and slightly stained tees until Mother Nature forces the issue. Bleu is happy and comfortable (enough) in them. But those size 11 feet are growing! Buby will get sneakers, socks and a new Sherpa-lined hoodie. Other than that we are in good shape.

Per usual we asked each child to choose just one activity/sport to start. Things have a way of getting onto our schedule throughout the season. Buby registered for tennis on Mondays and Bleu for a dance/gym combo class with Ella on Thursdays. Ollie will get to join a mommy + me type class, but I'm not sure yet if it will be gym, swim or music/movement.

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Grandma DJ said...

That time of year again .. A wise man (Uncle Mike) recently said "the days are long but the years are short"!! Love you forever