20 August 2012

Love The Place You Live

I love New York, and I'm not just talking about the City. Living in the Hudson Valley, as we have for the last 7 years, feels like such a treat! Horses. Farm stands. Concerts in the barn. Mountains in the distance. Long drives sprinkled with lively little villages. Each season brings something wonderful here, and we try to never take it for granted.

One of our favorite places to play is the riverfront. So many towns in the Valley have one, but ours feels like a super secret hideout in the woods. We walk down to the water several times a week and usually have it all to ourselves. It's where we run free, dig up treasures, skip rocks, walk the planks of fallen branches, and concoct wild scenarios that only a four and six year old could. It's where I sit back and enjoy the moment we're in, where big brothers jump to their sister's aid, and where little rascals perfect their javelin.

I took these photos during our afternoon walk on Friday. As soon as we hit the river Buby and Bleu created a Friendship Headquarters and fantasized about what kinds of ships they would build for Buby's upcoming pirate parrrty.
Everyone gets along at the river :)

P.S. This post was inspired by Design Mom's monthly Love The Place You Live feature.


Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

Such fun. I loved unstructured free places for my kids to play when they were young too. They are in their teens and 20s now so I can only look back with fond memories. Treasure these days.

Whitney said...

really beautiful

Grandma DJ said...

love it!! Love you forever