31 August 2012

Little Worker Bees

Last night My Sweets invited Buby and Bleu to go to work with him today. It would be their last chance before starting school, and our girl has been asking when she can go. Usually they take turns, so the idea of commuting to Daddy's office together was extra exciting!

Buby was all concerned about setting an alarm, which totally isn't necessary because he naturally wakes around 6am. (Our boys are early risers!) Bleu is the one who prefers to sleep in, but when I entered her room bright and early this morning both kids were already awake, dressed, teeth brushed, ready to go. Sometimes they amaze me.

I sent them off with banana chocolate chip cereal bars from Kashi and their matching mini packs, which I filled with teeny tiny activities to keep them busy throughout the day. Daddy's corner office overlooks Bryant Park's Le Carrousel. Hmm, wonder how many times they'll ask to go on that :) I can't wait to hear all about their day at the office.

P.S. Ollie is coming with me to a doctor's appointment an hour away, and then we'll do something fun!

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Grandma DJ said...

How cool is that!! They look happy and ready to go!! Love you forever