19 July 2012

Bits + Pieces

We live in such a beautiful state. I love driving north to visit our friends in the mountains. The air is cooler; the roads windier; the greenery greener.

Our cucumbers are ready to harvest. We've been making necklaces and bracelets in the afternoons.

Swimming at the lake club Tuesday with Alana and her girls. What a great afternoon!

An insta-party anytime our six kids get together. They each have a counterpart the same age, who they've known their whole life. That's kinda cool.

Ollie has no idea that he's only ONE. I try to tell him every day, but he doesn't believe me. Bleu's new camera face. Isn't it lovely?

The two youngest fell asleep as soon as we hit the road again, and I enjoyed a quiet drive.

One of the SIX bands that Jonas' dad plays in performed jazz in the grove this week, and they invited us to picnic. After a while we listened from the nearby playground so the boys could run.

As soon as our house guests left Buby returned to his regular reading routine.

A little shower for baby Leo at the golf course. Ella wasn't so keen on the thunderstorm, but she had Judy and that wonderful new sheepskin rug to comfort her.

Buby's collection of state quarters. Madison + Siena stopped by for hugs last week before moving (yelp!) to Brussels. We wish them awesome adventures. (Karin... You better keep in touch!)

Buby and his buddy John John enjoyed an afternoon together at our house (pool, pizza, ice cream).

Ollie likes to ride around town in his sister's old pinkmobile. Is that so wrong? Another donation pickup from Big Brothers + Big Sisters. Paper fish from art camp. Chicken corn chowder always hits the spot.

One of two black bridesmaid dresses. Melted crayon hearts. Ollie and Ella following Ginger. Happily napping on my chest, Hess truck clenched tightly in hand.

Coconut and Easter (Buby's faves) hiding from Ollie in the end tables. Matchbox cars everywhere. Buby hasn't touched his piano books once all summer (no interest). Yummy cucumbers from the back yard.

Buby's Baby Bear is always flashing some sort of jewelry. The carrot mix from our garden is stunning this year. The surprise hit of the summer: Handmade play-doh from art class.

Piles of kid art to sort and file. My mudroom needs serious attention. Bleu went without a mark for weeks and then from 1 to 5 in a day. Buby is keeping a journal and re-reading all of his M.T. books.

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Karin said...

We will! Just got re-connected and your blog is one of the first places I am catching up on....as I eat a yummy sandwich on a fresh baguette from the bakery up the street :) Your pictures do make me miss all that is beautiful about NY state though! Tell the kids the girls say hi!