06 June 2012

Memorial Monday

We got a lot done last Monday, but the morning started out s-l-o-w until my caffeine kicked in. (I think we were all tuckered out from the day before.) Luckily we never have to travel to see a parade on Memorial Day. We simply open the front door et voila! Just as the bands started we were joined by Christine, Ella, Logan, Rachael, Charles and Jack.

After a burning hot walk to the playground we picked up egg salad and tuna from the deli; went home to pack my old-fashioned picnic basket; and drove about 30 minutes to rendez-vous at another park with our dear friends Sara and Daymien. (They still live in the city but spend almost every weekend loving the country life!) We enjoyed a wonderfully fresh feast under blue skies and hang gliders. Sara surprised Buby and Bleu with chocolate mustaches and me with a bucket of peonies from her yard. Ollie napped in his stroller and just before we left Tom caught a large-mouth bass in the pond. All in all a good day.

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