24 June 2012

Everything You Missed!

First of all, HAPPY SUMMER! Sorry I haven't posted much -- the month of June is nonstop busy for us. Now we're headed to beautiful Cape May for some major relaxation. It's definitely become a favorite vacation spot, and this year we'll be joined by cousins Sid, Lily and Mason. Woohoo! Stay tuned for beach reports. In the meantime... here's a peek into our last few weeks, according to iPhone and Instagram.

- Handwriting notes in the (parked) car while baby brother finishes his nap.
- Pushing the stroller to school. We love life as walkers.
- Riding our scooters down to the woods for a real treasure hunt.
- Homemade berry jam by Bleu and her classmates. Devoured!
- Ollie says hello to our pretty roses every morning.

- Bleu addresses her friend's card. Love the backwards R and extra legs on the E.
- Pausing for a bite to eat during Charles' 4th birthday party.
- Computer error at the endocrinologist makes us wait a very long time.
- Buby borrows a loom from his art teacher and goes nuts.

- Simple end-of-year teacher gifts: Organic chocolate chip cookies in mini mason jars +
- Framed rainbow paintings from Buby and Bleu to their teachers.

-Buby and his buddy Jonas on their last day of 1st grade, which was June 15.
-They've grown so much in a year. It amazes me to look back at pics from September.

- Last morning of school, awards ceremony and presentation of art portfolios.
- Buby wins awards for Creative Writing and Excellence in Sewing.
- A few tears are shed.

-Watercolor rainbows + late-night baking.
-Last trip to the bakery with Ella and the Q boys.
-"Magic" Crocs that change from pink to purple.

-A pin for me sewn by Buby.
-Goofy girls right before their happy dance.
-Fresh spinach, grape tomatoes, grilled chicken and raspberries. Yum!
-Ollie knocks on windows and waves to Daddy.

- A road trip to the house where I grew up.
- Three tired babies finally sleeping at Grandma's.

- Me + Liz (my sis-to-be) at her Bachelorette wine tour last weekend.
- Urgent Care on Sunday morning. We missed most of my mom's wonderful brunch.
- Ollie had a nasty bug bite on his face (from Friday night), and it caused a staph infection :(

- Enjoying the company of my husband, dad, two brothers, two nephews, and two sons on Father's Day.
- Who's idea was it to play baseball in the backyard? My ankle still hurts!

- My mom forbaid me to photograph her batting. I did it anyway.

- To Melissa's for a Father's Day feast in honor of Grandpa J.
- Big people desserts from the Pittsford Dairy farm + bakery.
- Bleu and Lily connected at the hip.... again.

- Last Monday with Grandma DJ in Rochester.
- The Seneca Park Zoo, Abbott's by Seabreeze, and a walk on the pier.

- Tuesday's birthday brunch for Aunt Melissa.
- 5/6 grandbabies piled high.

- Back home we hit the ground running at Ella's 4th birthday party.
- Painting, planting, popping gigantic bubbles, and swimming in the pool.
- The best strawberry shortcake I have ever tasted. I want more!
- Friends Christine and Rachael are due with babies #2 and #3 in just a few weeks.

- Breaking a major rule of mine... all three on Ella's trampoline at once.
- It's official: We love other people's trampolines.

- Early morning smiles.
- Finding a stack of never-sent thank you cards in my in my glove box. Oops!
- Buby and friends at Jonas' Guinea Pig Party yesterday.

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Grandma DJ said...

Wonderful!! Love you forever