08 May 2012

Life Lately, According to My Phone

Wishing weeds + green grass -- Rainy days remind us that it's Spring -- Buby's rock jar -- Ollie's bracelet {after a group tumble on the stairs / he's fine} -- A butterfly story -- Sowing seeds

Life lately has been good + sweet, but I'm so exhausted some nights I can't think straight. Of course I meant to post about Ollie's first words; Bleu turning 4; an update on school life; the mighty cherry blossoms before they fell; my 5 years on Blogger; Ollie's quick trip to the ER {which I promise sounds worse than it is}; Mother's Day upcoming; our 12-year wedding anniversary on the 20th; the first night we will spend away from Ollie, ever!

I mean to do all these projects outside of mothering, but there just aren't enough hours. We. Are. So. Busy. Speaking of which, if I owe you an email/call/text... Some day I will be better at this. Right now I fall asleep super late with the computer on my lap, mid upload. I wake up, turn it off and rest for maybe an hour before the baby wakes.

Here's a peek at some mini moments of the past few weeks which alone wouldn't make a post, but collectively serve as a great reminder of what I'm doing here.

Buby wears the key to his journal -- His best rock -- Soccer at Benedict with Charles + Jack -- A very long day -- Flying a kite is so much fun -- Ollie's crazy about his Native Shoes

Relaxing with snow globes -- Friends at the park -- Tortilla face -- Mesmerized -- A mystery package from Grandma + Grandpa -- Falling asleep while I wash my hair

DeGas the pink-painted horse from Ella -- Planting with Daddy -- The Green Machine -- Keep the dugout boys in check -- Shopping for produce -- Ollie + his orange peppers

Buby + his airplanes -- Our yard in bloom -- Teeny seeds in her hand -- Garden planning -- Vintage strawberry illustrations from Michael's = love

Early trumpet vines -- Gym metals are his fave!! -- First graders on tricycles (silly!) -- Bleu and her "Wendy" doll from Grandpa -- Ollie's first word was BASEBALL -- Feet crossed, always

Buby's oatmeal balloon experiment -- Sweet girls -- Ollie's late-night FaceTime with Daddy -- Buby's clay man -- Bleu and Ben at Sewing Club pickup -- Ollie squished this bee with his bare hands :(

Radio controlled monster truck from the '80s lives on -- He finally loves to sit + "read" -- Girls collecting snails from the big pond -- Pretty painted doors in our village

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Grandma DJ said...

Love them all!! Lots of smiles going through these pics!! Love you forever