22 May 2012

International Day

I mentioned that the last several days were fantastical, right? Well, it all started with the Annual International Day at Buby and Bleu's school on Friday morning. The community came together to celebrate diversity, respect for other cultures and dreams for global peace. Such a cool event. This was my third or fourth experience with some type of International Day festivity... it's very common in Montessori schools especially.

In preparation, the elementary students presented their country projects, learned new songs, painted shirts, prepared a recipe in the kitchen, arranged flowers, and choreographed a traditional folk dance from Punjab, India. Families graciously volunteered their time, talents and culinary skills so we could all feast on exquisite dishes from around the world.

The two-hour event included: a piano and recorder recital; a Bhangra dance by the elementary students; Frere Jacque by the primary class; Earth Song by the primary class; Obwa Sumi Saa Nana {an African rock-passing song} by both classes, Dreams of Harmony by the elementary class, Under the Rainbow by the upper elem; lunch; and free play.

I must admit I was a shocked and amazed when Buby walked out in front of a crowd of 70+ and played a short piano piece titled The Zoo. Performing in front of others is his GREAT FEAR, and he conquered it right there and then. Even I had no idea he was going to do that. Later he braved a dance solo with two classmates in front of the same crowd. Wow!

Also worth noting, Bleu isn't quite comfortable in front of an audience either. When she
first filed out of the building with her class and saw everyone waiting with cameras she sort of broke down. Her face turned bright red, and I could tell from across the parking lot that my girl was going to cry. I ran to the seat directly behind her, and she squeezed my hand tight until it was her turn to take the "stage". But when the time came she pulled it together and sang her heart out. She did it on her own. It was a GROWING MOMENT for her.

Here are a few mixed snapshots from the morning.

After the recital Buby's music teacher told me he actually asked her {moments before taking the stage} if he could play TWO pieces. She knew how reluctant he was initially and said let's see how this one goes.

Buby's Indian dance troupe about to begin..... I will try to share the video in a separate post.

Bleu and her classmates make their way out. She looks pretty nervous here.

Getting ready to sing their first number.

Bleu had a few costume options but finally went with the dress Daddy brought back from Ghana.

Buby went as a Native American.

Buby and his classmates ready to sing.

It was chilly for 5 minutes during setup and then the sun came out and the sweaters came off. It was a beautiful day! I'm wearing the patchwork skirt and jewelry Tom gifted me from Africa.

Here's a small portion of the food and country posters during setup. We added all the refrigerated items after. There was also soups, stews, dips, and cold salads.

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Grandma DJ said...

So glad I was able to enjoy this day with you .. Buby's first piano recital .. Buby and Bleu's songs and dance .. Priceless memories!! Love you forever