13 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day to You

Today I am extra thankful to mothers everywhere for doing what they do. I think MOTHERHOOD is one of those roles you can't ever fully understand until you are in it, and I feel so lucky to know women who get it and can share the laughter and camaraderie and heartbreak with me. It's an insanely joyous journey we are on.

Aside from some awesome friends and a supportive mother-in-law, I am especially grateful for the close relationship I share with my own mom. She is ridiculously smart, funny and loyal. Hearing her voice brings me instant comfort, and I'm in awe of how much she has grown and changed over the years and yet still remains the same woman at her core.

Random bits about my mom: Her middle name is Louise, so as a kid I would squeeze in "Geez, Louise!" whenever possible; she still {really really!} loves my dad after 37 years of marriage; she has no game face--you always know when she is happy, sad, proud or pissed; she wishes I lived local; she wakes up early and takes her coffee black; she tells the best stories and never forgets a detail; she only likes movies with happy endings; she does not have a single sweet tooth {I got that from my dad!}; she's obsessive compulsive in her cleaning and organizing rituals; she passes out if she thinks she's going to feel pain; she won't debate religion or politics, but she can talk Yankees all day; she has had the same group of girlfriends for 30+ years; she never learned to drive a stick; she loves herself a warm bath; she is stronger than even she knows; she is sentimental about very few things; she puts on an amazing party; she can beat anyone at word games such as Scrabble; she has an addictive personality {ie. Mario Brothers on Atari in the mid '80s}; she is the ultimate pie maker; she does a lot of things well, but arts + crafts is not one of them.

Probably the most important thing to know about my mother {as a mom} is that she raised three children with nowhere near the luxuries that I enjoy today, and always told us the same thing: "I just want you to be happy." Little did she know that was the best gift.

Photo: My mom with her mom at around 6 weeks.

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Grandma DJ said...

you do have a terrific mom and the best gift she has given each of us is you!! Every day is mother's day according to you!! love you forever