10 May 2012

Country Project: Brazil

When I was in elementary school we didn't tackle the Country Project until 5th grade. My country was France, and I vividly remember the red-white-blue poster board I created.

Buby is a six-year-old 1st grader and already has absorbed a tremendous amount of knowledge on other countries and cultures. His class is wrapping up the Country Project now, in preparation for their International Day festivities on May 18. I'd say Buby's enthusiasm and thirst for these subjects matches mine at age 15, when I entered the exchange program as a teenage diplomat. It makes for good conversations.

Yesterday he turned in his own poster board on Brazil and then stood before his class and presented.
I know how uncomfortable he is speaking in front of others, so I thought about him extra all morning. It gets a little easier every time.

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Grandma DJ said...

I'm impressed!! love you forevr