24 April 2012

Tie-Dye Kit

Our six year old has always had a fascination with tie-dye. In fact, he put this kit on the top of his Christmas list last year. We finally gave it a whirl a couple of weeks ago. My Sweets spearheaded the process since he was playing hookie to spend quality time with the kiddos before his big trip to Philly.

Since I didn't know we'd be dying shirts until about an hour before, I wasn't prepared with anything white. Instead, I raided our closets and took whatever I could find, which amounted to 3 kid tees, 2 daddy tees, and 3 mommy tanks.

Let me just say that it was MESSY. We watched the instructional DVD that came in the kit and took all precautions, but it was still incredibly messy. I wished we had researched all-natural fabric dying.

Poor Bleu only had one shirt in the mix, and it wasn't 100% cotton so it didn't hold any of the color. But the others turned out beautifully. I'll try to snap a picture later.

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Grandma DJ said...

Looks like fun thou!! Results looked good .. Love you forever