18 April 2012

Around 6PM

I stood still for a moment around 6PM to admire three very DIFFERENT and BEAUTIFUL children. They are MAGIC to me. I love them in all their forms and feel beyond blessed that My Sweets and I have been chosen to guide them on their journeys.

At 6PM I was still wondering what to cook for dinner. Our friends had just left. Buby was immersed in a toy catalog he confiscated from the junk mail pile. Bear was playing catch-me-if-you-can with my favorite music CD in his grasp.
Bleu was bouncing away all the granola and corn muffins we baked together the last two mornings. I was making a visual note of the happy RAINBOWS around us.

P.S. My Sweets has been away on business since last Sunday. He's at Wharton participating in something very cool that has to do with Advanced Leadership. We Face Time every night, but I miss him terribly.

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Grandma DJ said...

Nice day!! Love you forever