08 March 2012

The Art of Negotiation

Bleu was a lucky girl this week. Four out of five days she was able to spend time after school with her bestie Ella. They grabbed lunch at the village deli one day, visited the bakery twice, walked to the park three times, and played lots of doctor to Ella's "newborns" Abby, lamb and rabbit.

The weather was stunning on Wednesday. I could have easily stood out front of the library all afternoon with my friend Christine... watching our exuberant three year olds act out their make-believe scenarios on the flagstone walkway. It was adorable. But alas, there's nothing like a baby in tow to let you know when it's time to eat, sleep or simply keep moving. {For the record: Ollie is incredibly patient with all the sibling things activities.}

As we walked home from the play date pictured above Bleu tugged on my arm and exclaimed, "Thanks, Mom, for letting us play longer. That was a treat." She was so sincere. I like that Bleu is slowly figuring out how to be a good friend. It isn't always easy, especially right after 11:30 pickup when the little ones are hungry and tired. They are in constant negotiation. Bleu is learning to stand down and approach her friends with more sensitivity, and Ella is learning the reverse. But they cherish each other's company, and they are figuring it out.

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Grandma DJ said...

A good friend for good fun and memories! Very cute .. Love you forever