22 March 2012

End of an Era

Today we said goodbye to the village bakery as we know it. I can't help but feel a little sad. My Sweets and I ran into the owner at a restaurant earlier in the week, and she broke the news to us that she had just sold the business. It will remain a bakery, but everything will change. We've known her since we moved to the area seven years ago, and she wanted us to hear it from her first.

The bakery--or cookie shop as our children refer to it--is a special place. It's where they each had their very first sweet treat. It's where they learned to decide and order and pay. It's where we met Kitty. It's the first place I'd look for Buby if he ever ran away from home. It's where I could see Bleu's picture taped to the wall. It's where My Sweets got his carrot cupcakes and where I fell in love with banana cream pie.

Oh well. Tomorrow it'll be something else. We celebrated today by giving Bear a taste of a "Mama's Sugar Cookie." We did it about a year earlier than planned {I make them wait forever!}, but I wanted to give him the same experience his siblings had.

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Grandma DJ said...

That's sad to see .. I loved walking with the kids to get a treat, buy a surprise for mommy and for daddy to take to work .. Watching the kids making the tough decision what kind to get .. Oh well .. The good memories of the cookie shop will stay .. Looks like Ollie is enjoying .. Love the pics!! Love you forever