16 March 2012

Bits + Pieces

Bear loves to be tipped back in his stroller. He gets instantly happy, and I get to see his pretty teeth.

My camera is still broken, and it's killing me not to take any real photos. I've done absolutely nothing to fix or replace the DSLR though, so you must bare with me and my camera phone a little bit longer. A bunch of mini moments that caught my eye this week...

Bleu was delighted to explore G + B's playroom on Sunday. We stopped by for an early St. Pat's feast.

Buby and his bestie Grace playing tag after Sewing Club on Wednesday. It's always tag with them.

My friend Allison has the most colorful displays in her house; this one is in the playroom.

My favorite moment of the week: Tasting all FIVE of Allison's key lime pie recipes.

Ollie Bear is teething. So far he has 4 top, 2 bottom, and a set of molars. Many more coming!

We rode our scooters to the art gallery on Monday for Buby's last color class.

Bleu chasing two-year-old Ben around the village like it's her JOB.

The best corned beef I have EVER had.

Ollie is our animal lover. He follows other people's cats and dogs around. He's fearless.

Buby having a blast at his buddy John's birthday party at a sports facility.

Court hockey. Wow, he looks so lonely in this shot. The ball is coming, Bub! I promise.

Limbo. This part was laugh-out-loud funny. Notice Buby's t-shirt? He painted it the night before.

On our way to the party Buby declared,"If they play musical chairs I am sitting out! I do not like that game." Of course the time came and he politely responded, "No thank you" and joined me on the stage.

Seda's friend Ana baked the most delicious chocolate cupcakes. Of course I snuck one for myself.

This is what happens when Bleu makes pizza. She PILES on the cheese.

Bleu and Bear thought our play kitchen was top dog until they saw this walk-in version.

Another snapshot from Allison's house. An exquisite watercolor on canvas by Grace.

Bleu the scooter girl. She has a pink Razor waiting in the garage when she outgrows the Radio Flyer.

I see us doing this a lot in the summer... scooting over to the art gallery for summer classes.

Bleu doesn't want to simply keep up with the big kids... she wants to LEAD the pack.

A heart-shaped pepper cut. Buby and I spy hearts everywhere. Yesterday he found a tiny heart-shaped rock at the playground and walked it up to me and said, "For you. My Valentine."

The batting cages with Buby and his pal Jonas. They are both playing Minor 1 this year.

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Grandma DJ said...

Jealous of key lime pie!! Love the pics .. Life is wonderful!! Miss my full time mom days .. Love you forever