15 February 2012

Valentine's Night Recap

My Sweets texted me around 6:15 pm to let me know he was on the train. I was just plating the kids' heart-shaped pancakes--45 minutes late. Ollie was crying, despite my efforts to soothe him. Bleu was fussing. Buby was pouting about something or another. The day started out so strong but was unraveling fast.

The children and I finished dinner, dessert, cleanup, baths and bedtime. My Sweets usually misses all of this but walked in the door around 7:45 pm as I changed Ollie's diaper and bedsheets and Buby lay in bed reading his little sister a few chapters from The Magic Tree House series. I was so happy to kiss my husband hello and cook that big Valentine's Day feast with him, but {in all honestly} I was exhausted from the day and so was he. With a fridge full of F-R-E-S-H food he suggested we just order Chinese. It's one block away, he said, and I could cook on Thursday after his back surgery since he'd be home.

So. I got Ollie to sleep by 8:45 pm and sprinted downstairs. My Sweets and I sat on the couch for an hour eating the best fried won tons and crispy sesame chicken we've ever tasted {seriously, our Chinese place outdid themselves!}... laughing out loud at reruns of The Big Bang Theory on TBS... drinking Moet & Chandon in our finest champagne glasses. I felt like we were back in college. P.S. We never eat on the couch or watch TV together.

Our low-key evening was just what we needed, but it's a perfect example of why I don't make elaborate plans on Valentine's Day. It's too much pressure. Three small children come with a lot of variables, and that means we roll with it. Though I distinctly remember My Sweets saying during a second episode of TBBT, "Let's get a babysitter next year."

Note: The pillow was handmade for us by my sister-in-law. Isn't it awesome?

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Grandma DJ said...

love the .. good memories you are building for old age!! love you forever