11 February 2012

Valentine's Wish #1

Dark chocolate almond toffee. Hmmmm.

My obsession began with a half-pound box from Cookies with Kindness. It was gifted to My Sweets by a staffer just before Christmas, and I've been searching ever since for anything remotely as delicious. Regrettably, a lot of sweets have been consumed in the process.

The Etsy page calls it "supremely addictive" and I must wholeheartedly agree. Nothing else compares, and I feel like I need to try the original once more to make sure I didn't just dream it up. A box is $14, but all ingredients are organic and fair trade, and some of the proceeds benefit The Dwelling Place of NY.
Or I could attempt to make my own anytime this month. Finding good recipes on Pinterest.

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Grandma DJ said...

you are a choco-holic ! too funny .. love you forever